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Cozy Comfort Food without Packing on the Pounds? Hannah Carboni Shows Us How!

As the warmth of the summer fades, and the crisp fall air stakes its claim, Western New Yorkers prepare themselves for the cold chill of the winter. Along with the bitter air and the feet of snow which inevitably blanket the ground, winter also means large meals of comfort food, loaded with enough carbs and sugars to keep anyone warm on a cold winter night. While these comfort foods may be delicious, they can be damaging to one’s health, as well. That’s why Buffalo’s Hannah Carboni @BuffFitFoodie, has crafted three comfort food recipes to ward off the winter chills that are both delicious and healthy.

Hannah Carboni wasn’t always the food expert she is now, despite what her recipes may suggest. Her parents never really taught her much about cooking when she was a child. In fact, twice while attending the University of Buffalo, she set a microwave she was using on fire. However, after going on a mission to lose some weight and with some guidance from her sister, Hannah moved past her microwave-igniting days and became the food connoisseur she is now.

It was in college that Carboni made it a priority to shed some pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. That was easier said than done. Being a full-time student and working at Wegmans on the side meant Hannah only had a limited amount of time to work on her health. However, she learned a few tips and tricks that helped her reach her goals.

Carboni said many of these came from her sister who worked in a kitchen at a restaurant out-of-state. When she had the time, Carboni would go out and visit her sister to learn more about cooking and becoming a better cook herself. As she got older, and she improved her cooking skills, she decided it was time to show her love of cooking to the world. That’s when she started her BuffFitFoodie Instagram page.

Originally, most of the food that Carboni posted was food that she ate at restaurants. This was important to her because she very rarely went out to eat when she was younger. However, one decision changed her page and helped her become more well-known in the Buffalo area.

“My Instagram page didn’t really blow up until one day when I put a poll about whether to put my own food on it,” Hannah said. “I got a lot of positive responses on my poll, with people wanting to see my own food. So, I started doing that, and then my page really started to grow. From that point, I focused on putting more of my own food on BuffFitFoodie.”

Even though she has grown into an excellent cook, Carboni still enjoys going out to eat, and two Buffalo restaurants have caught her attention right now. The first is Cafe 59 on Allen Street. She can’t get enough of their soups, salads, sandwiches, fish fry, and chicken finger sub which, Hannah contends, is the best chicken finger sub in Buffalo. Carboni also can’t stay away from Inizio in Elmwood Village. Their scratch-made pasta and their reasonable portions are perfect for a satisfying “cheat day.”

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