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Capturing a unique bond

If you have ever been fortunate enough to enjoy the companionship of a horse or a dog, you know that they are more than pets. They are family. Loyal companions who are loved for a lifetime. Professional Equine Photographer Jamie Pankow transforms the incredible bond between you and your companions into fine art made to last for generations.

Jamie Pankow has been involved in the horse industry for 17 years. First showing when she was eight years old, Jamie continues to devote her time to the equine industry through custom portraiture.

“My goal when planning out a session is to create an experience that allows my clients to be the most authentic version of who they are as equestrians.” From start to finish, Jamie skillfully guides her clients by planning out their wardrobe, training tips and custom art creation. “A backyard companion horse may not be prepped the same as an active competitive horse, the same goes for their riders.”

Jamie knows firsthand the value of such art. “I had to put my heart-horse of 15 years down last year. The most valuable things I own are the portraits I invested in with him. Those statement pieces truly captured who Tucker was and I want to give that gift to others.”

Self-described as having a “colorful” personality, Jamie’s judgment-free outlook gives horse, rider, and dog alike the freedom to be their most authentic selves. She is also extraordinarily patient. “I shoot until I feel that I have everything that is going to tell the story of your horse or your dog.”

Before each shoot, Jamie consults with her client regarding wardrobe choices, exercises for the horse or dog, grooming, familiarizing dogs and horses with chosen settings, and more. She also provides incredible, battery-powered studio lighting and offers her farm as a photography location with its apple orchards, dirt roads, open fields, and rustic barns. After each shoot, Jamie and her clients review all the images she took, selecting their favorites. Then, she virtually places these images on the walls of each client’s home to give a more complete view of what the art will look like in place. Final portraits are hand-delivered whenever possible as she also travels wherever her clients choose to take her.

"Jamie is very talented & I highly recommend her! I did a shoot with my horse, and she is very knowledgeable and understanding with them! She is patient and waits until the very right moment to shoot and knows when that moment is coming! 10/10!" - Kirstin I.

Whether creating albums or life-size portraits, Jamie seeks high quality materials from family-owned businesses. Her leather albums are hand created by a Kentucky business mimicking the look and feel of a saddle. Her canvases come from a family-owned company in Washington State where each canvas is created from scratch, with hand built wood framing, a custom canvas stretched and secured perfectly, followed by artists hand-brushing over the portrait with acrylic to protect the canvas making the recommended cleaning method Windex. Each portrait is expected to last up to 200 years with no fading or warping and has quickly become a bestseller.

“I absolutely adore what I do. Every time I shoot a session, a little piece of me stays behind.”

“Jamie did an incredible job with both my equine and dog shoot! She was so incredibly patient with the animals to get the absolute best photos! The editing she did was just as incredible and the final products were so beautiful! Jamie has a great eye for detail! I really appreciated that she took so much time to go through each photo with me and then hand delivered the prints! I would recommend her to any of my horse friends who show the circuits as her work was top notch!” -Audrey D.

Stay connected with Jamie and see her latest stunning shots on her Facebook or Instagram. Ready to book your own session? Contact her on her website,


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