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Buffalo Kindness

Over the past decade, National Random Acts of Kindness Day is a fun, unofficial “holiday” on February 17th that has been steadily gaining traction. Originating in New Zealand, the day is meant to celebrate doing small, selfless acts for others such as holding a door, complimenting a co-worker, or even something as simple as offering a complete stranger a smile as you pass them by.

Acts of kindness aren’t purely limited to February though, as there is nothing to stop anyone from making a stranger’s day year-round. Research shows that kindness has a number of benefits, including a better sense of well-being, reducing isolation, and allowing us to put things into perspective. While giving us the opportunity to be more social, kind acts also help improve our self-esteem with lasting impacts.

“A homeless man was quietly standing, humbly, and just looked beaten down and sad. I turned around and gave him a $ bill he probably doesn’t get often. He was surprised and grateful. I’ll never forget his smile and what I think was a little sparkle.” – Ann S.

Kindness Buffalo was created for Kimberly Borkowski in light of her leukemia diagnosis, stating that “[her] friends and family couldn’t do a lot for [her] but could do a lot for others.”