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Buffalo is for Lovers

4 of Buffalo’s Sweetest Spots to Visit With Your Valentine

The sweetest holiday of the year is here with delicious chocolates, candy hearts, and Cupid’s bow. Since early Christianity, the English and ancient Romans have dedicated February 14th as a day to gift cherished loved ones with passionate poetry, songs, and decadence. According to history’s famed English poet Geoffrey Chaucer, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romance.

Centuries later the tradition continues with savvy chocolatiers such as Cadbury, Hershey, Godiva, and others dedicating Valentine’s Day as the one day of the year to honor your own valentine with a sweet chocolate treat as a symbol of your love. One such chocolate manufacturer made their name in Western, NY one hundred years ago, and continues to honor their legacy today. That chocolatier was Fowler’s Chocolates.

01. Fowler’s Chocolate Shoppe was founded in 1910 by Joseph A. Fowler. Since then, Fowler’s chocolate sponge candy has been a Buffalo favorite. After attending the Pan American Exposition, a young and enterprising Joseph A. Fowler began selling a signature variety of chocolate candy known as “sponge” candy and other confectionary creations. After receiving notable praise for his brand, Fowler, with the help of his brother Claude, opened a small candy store in Buffalo.

02. In addition to sweet treats, Buffalo is also home to a variety of romantic sights to take in when planning a scenic night out. Try traveling Route 277 to view the aptly titled “Eternal Flame.” This natural gem will warm your heart and inspire you with its ethereal beauty. While this “flame” behind a waterfall can sometimes be extinguished, it is commonly reignited by caring passersby.

Located in the Shale Creek Preserve within Chestnut Ridge Park, the Eternal Flame Falls has been described as a natural wonder by locals and studied by geologists from across the nation. The reason for the flame is speculated to be the gas produced within the waterfall’s shale rock. While its composition has yet to be completely understood by science, it remains one of the most romantic destinations in Western New York.

03. Got a green thumb? Consider visiting the Botanical Gardens exhibit. The Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens recalls romantic Victorian England with its classically designed pristine glass windows reminiscent of the famous Crystal Palace in England. Also constructed during the turn of the twentieth century, the Botanical Gardens is the creation of Daniel F. Day, Frederick L. Olmstead, John F. Cowell, Frederick A. Lord, and William A. Burnham. Historically described as an “oasis under glass,” this conservatory was lovingly conceptualized by botanists and architects who gathered trees and plants from all over the world for the public’s viewing pleasure.

This conservatory has been widely considered one of New York’s unique gems by the public and a rich part of Buffalo’s cultural history. As a nonprofit organization, they offer something fun for every age demographic from kids’ events and educational courses to “date night Thursdays” and February’s “Love Week.” During Love week, (February 12-19), you are welcome to bring your date during the day or night. During the day, guests can partake in scavenger hunts around the tropical gardens. At night, discover the gardens as rarely seen before, illuminated under soft lighting for a relaxed and majestic viewing experience.

Photography by James Neiss

04. After taking in the sights, you may be looking for the perfect photo-op to remember your evening out. Downtown Buffalo is famous for its uniquely designed street murals. From the vibrant and colorful, to dramatic and inspirational, Buffalo public art has been used as the perfect backdrop for proms, weddings, and so many other social engagements. Romance is brought to life on Old Falls Street with Casey Milbrand’s sensational, “Let’s Fall in Love” mural. Additionally, Milbrand honors the city he calls home with “Greetings from Buffalo, NY” on Washington Street which depicts the Buffalo skyline with bright and bold pops of color as only he can. Discover other romantic spots for your couples’ selfies while making your way down streets like Hertel, Colvin, Allen, Old Falls and so many others.

This Valentine’s Day, treat your special someone with a romantic trip to Buffalo. From the Botanical Gardens to Niagara Falls, the “eternal flame,” and eye-catching murals, discover the Buffalo date night experience this Valentine’s Day.


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