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Brunch with Chef Cruz Nieves

Overcoming adversity since he was 16 years old, Chef Cruz has paved his own way in the culinary industry.

Kicking off his career as a dishwasher, Chef Cruz Nieves fell in love with the culture of the kitchen. Born in Puerto Rico, he waited to finish school until he joined his mother in Rochester, NY. Early in his career in the United States, Chef Cruz spent a stint of time in NYC working in Michelin-star kitchens, making his way up the ranks, and honing his culinary craft. Once he returned to Rochester to be with his mother, he continued to work with local restaurants. That’s where his talent really began to shine in the local community.

Now, Chef Cruz is one of Rochester’s most sought-after private chefs and is a popular consultant for restauranteurs. Focusing on great food and a great life, he finds balance in his work by investing in his physical health.

How he does it all

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