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5 Easy & Fun Ways to Set Up Your New Bookshelf

Have you recently bought a bookshelf but don’t know how to start setting it up? There are several ways you can set up a bookshelf for aesthetic purposes, whether you plan on putting it in your bedroom or living room. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Books, of Course!

Bookshelves are home to all sorts of objects nowadays, but of course they were created with the idea to line up your books! However, there are a few ways to organize your books. The first way is by color. You can shelf your books in rainbow order, starting with red and ending with purple and moving to pink, white, gray, black, and brown. This is a great way to set up an aesthetically pleasing bookshelf, especially if you don’t have a ton of books. The other way to organize your books, of course, is in alphabetical order. You may prefer this method if you own a lot of books and want to be able to find the one you’re looking for quickly!

Get Colorful

If you organize your books in rainbow order or in another way according to color, then you can amp up your bookshelf game in a simple way: add decor that matches those colors! You may have a decorative red mug to place in front of your red and orange books. You may have a yellow candle to complement your yellow and green books. You may have pink and purple nail polish bottles to sit next to their respective color books. You may have a small succulent with a black and white potholder to sit next to those books. Adding such accessories elevates your bookshelf and adds to the colorful organization!

Show Off Your Crafty Side

Perhaps you’re an artist of many mediums. Maybe you make jewelry, create things made of clay, draw, and/or paint. If you’ve been wanting a space to hold all of your smaller pieces of artwork, a bookshelf is perfect. You can organize your shelves based on medium or mix them up for a fun and crafty look!

Picture This

You have a ton of pictures on your phone that you’ve been dying to print out but haven’t found a spot to hang them up. Your new bookshelf may be the perfect home for all those photos of you and your friends and family. Thrift a bunch of different-sized frames in various colors, patterns, and shapes for a spunky look. Print all the photos you’d like and place them in your frames. Then, place the frames in an aesthetically pleasing way, perhaps adding some knickknacks to the shelves to draw the eye and complete the look.

Plant Moms Galore

Finally, your new bookshelf can easily be home to all your plants. Be sure to organize them so each shelf has a variety of plant sizes and shapes. Add your plant spray bottle, a watering can, and ceramic garden-esque plant accessories to your bookshelf to ensure all your plant mom needs are met when you visit your bookshelf to care for your plants.

There you have it: five easy ways to decorate your new bookshelf! Happy shelving!

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