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3 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle by the End of the Summer

Summer is a busy season for families between soccer games, family get-togethers, neighborhood pool parties, and more. You may be thinking, where has the time gone? Fortunately, the season isn’t over quite yet. There is still plenty of time to tackle a project that will enhance the look or function of your home.

As this summer season winds down, you may consider undertaking the following home improvement projects.

1. Refinish Your Deck

According to This Old House, it takes about two days to tackle a deck refinishing project. You must prep your deck by thoroughly cleaning it and removing its old finish. You may have to repair a few spots that have been run down by heavy foot traffic, too. However, these tasks won’t take long. You can then apply a new stain to the deck! Not only does this sort of project clean up the look of your deck, but it’ll make it a safe and ideal space to host friends and family through the fall, too.

2. Touch Up Your Exterior Paint