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We Are More.

Tricia TenEyck is the leader of Life Made Simple Organizing, a Rochester-based organization and decluttering business. She seeks to help individuals and families throughout Rochester create a structure in their homes that will keep them organized for years to come.

Before starting her successful business venture, Tricia was a real estate assistant. Upon realizing she enjoyed the administrative aspects of her job, she decided to leave her position to try her hand at something new. She came up with her business as a result of realizing her strong suits and wanting to use them to benefit others in a meaningful way. Just like that, Life Made Simple Organizing was born.

Tricia’s business began because she felt confident in her skill set and her ability to help people. She noticed a gap in knowledge when it came to home organization. In fact, more people than you may think truly need a second set of eyes and hands to help them declutter and reorganize. With various obstacles in the way for different people, Tricia seeks to help them become the best versions of themselves by starting where the mess begins: home. Her clients enjoy the one-on-one experience she offers, as it provides a personal touch many businesses can’t quite offer.

Tricia’s Take: The Best Habits of Highly Organized People

Put things back instead of putting them down, you’re going to have to do it eventually, so do it now! Mark your calendar for every two months or so for the “problem spots” in your home, keeping the routine purge will be helpful in the long run. Realize that empty space is a good thing, leaving room to grow is smart! Don’t put off decisions when decluttering; hide stuff you aren’t sure about then, set up a calendar reminder to come back to those items. Did you think about them at all? If not, get rid of it!

Tricia’s 7 Tips for Success

01. Take Down the Holiday Decor & Reset

As you take down your decorations, it’s time to assess. What decorations weren’t used? Have they been used in the past five years? If not, it’s time to donate or toss them in the garbage. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to make these assessments because what holiday decorations you did and didn’t use.


02. Make an Inventory

When you’re putting your decorations away, it’s a good idea to make an inventory of what you have. Label your totes or boxes with what is in each one. This task will make it easier to grab something throughout the year and for next year’s season. You won’t have to wonder what’s in each box or go through everything over and over again.