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Vibrant Colors Abound at Stacy K Floral

Spring is blossoming onto the scene at Stacy K Floral. The Rochester-based floral shop has been treating the area to designer floral arrangements and a state-of-the-art green development since 2006. With a carefully curated selection of retail goods and floral products, Stacy K remains a premier option when searching for a vendor for celebratory events ranging from weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, showers, and beyond. We sat down with Stacy K owner, Stacy K Ercan, to get some insight into the vibrant world of flowers.

The namesake behind the operation, Stacy has seen her fair share of floral trends over the years—these last few have been no exception.

What’s your pick for biggest trend? “We’re seeing a resurgence of colors,” says Stacy, who combined with her team boasts a jaw-dropping 173 years’ cumulative experience. While Stacy deals primarily in fresh flowers, she also notes she’s seen some use of dried botanicals in other trends. “In the past few years, it’s been a lot of neutral tones—a lot of whites and greens—whereas now we’re shifting more toward color.”

With the pandemic, there was a serious inclination toward neutrals and tones that were calmer and more collected, a grounding element we’ve all needed over the past few years. As we lean into Spring 2022; however, Stacy says her team has seen significantly more jewel tones along with yellows and pastels. Red is also a particularly popular color in weddings.

“Color invokes joy,” Stacy says.

At Stacy K, there’s been a play on color theory and color forecasting; there’s a popular notion that the beginning of the 2020s are going to bring about their own rendition of Roaring 20s vibes with big, over the top of events. Stacy equates it to joy and bubbles.


“It’s iridescence; rainbows and resilience. All of those colors boost our moods as we leave winter behind, and that sense of spring leaves us feeling invigorated.”

How can I choose a fresh look this spring? Spring is the perfect time to celebrate. With wedding season on the horizon, the designers at Stacy K are excitedly preparing different ideas and designs to implement. So far, these have included plays on color variations of blues, tans, reds and whites, nudes and neutrals with pops of color, and those lovely jewel tones.

One of the most important elements of designing, Stacy says, are clients redesigning a space to make it their own. When renting a space to host a wedding or reception (or even a corporate get together), it’s those key little elements (like centerpieces, arrangements, and linens) that elevate a space and add personality to it. Personality which isn't always going to be found online.

“The problem with some websites is that a lot of people are seeing the same images based on algorithms and what is being clicked on the most,” Stacy says. These so-called “trends” may look nice at face value, but they don’t always work for everyone since they’re not necessarily personalized and instead are based more on what other people are looking at it.

For that personal touch, going to a local vendor who specializes in what you’re looking for is your best bet for custom, individualized results.

“We often tell our clients to look at their closets for a starting point. Our work is influenced by people: their jobs, their hobbies… everything sparks from you,” Stacy says. “Exploring client personalities is key.”

When looking for vendors for various events, including weddings, Stacy recommends finding vendors you’re comfortable with and can trust with your designs. Have a vision and idea in mind, but trust your vendors with their process—let them do what they do (they are experts, after all) and know they’re inclined to use more creativity if you let them go. Understand the value of what your vendors bring to the table, be prepared to allow shifts, and be as flexible as possible.

For birthdays, the process might look a little different. “A lot of our customers are inspired by options we have on our website. They often pick something specifics, and we encourage them to talk through things their recipient likes with the florist before we place an order.”

What are your go-to questions when incorporating trends? “What do you like in your life?” & “What is your personality?” With the resurgence of color on the rise as this year’s trend, the team works to incorporate different elements that both wow and inspire. If you’re someone who likes things a specific way with everything in its place, opt to go for a look that’s cleaner and more appealing. If your style errs more on the eccentric side, try a design that features two to three different types of centerpieces!

Stacy is all about utilizing and reinventing looks, a perfect practice for spring renewal. For your event, start with the linens: different lengths set different moods, so ensure they correspond! Floor length linens are more floral, whereas three-quarter length fall on the more informal side. Linens tend to be predominantly neutral, which blend effortlessly with soft tones or bold colors, changing “the dynamics in a space.”

“I’m naturally drawn to play with colors and patterns,” Stacy says, recently toying with different pairings of floral elements and heights. “A tall piece draws your eye and creates a central focus. When you’re seated, you have a similar effect but with a different element. It’s a pop of color at both eye levels.”

Stacy K Floral takes worry away from their clients, working with what people are drawn to and then introducing variation. Forecasted to play host to the most weddings since 1984, 2022 is sure to be an adventure. With Stacy K Floral by your side, it’s sure to be a beautiful, colorful experience as visions blossom to life. “It’s what we love about what we do!”