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Sweeten up spring with honey + flowers

In the midst of a pandemic, Maddie and her husband, Matt Buffan, started Honeybee & Bloom Gardens in Rochester. Honeybee & Bloom Gardens is a seasonal business which sells raw unfiltered wildflower honey as well as freshly cut flowers grown organically. The couple already has plenty of regulars purchasing their raw honey. The majority of the feedback they receive states that their honey is the best and most unique each customer has ever had. It’s truly a testament to the local raw unfiltered honey experience since the products are neither heated nor processed in any way.

“It sure beats anything off the shelf at the grocery store!” -Maddie

How It Works

Honeybee & Bloom Gardens offers a CSA program for honey and seasonal flowers featuring dahlias. They take small orders for events, and customers can also purchase honey and bouquets a la carte. This business is Maddie and Matt’s “side hustle,” as managing honeybees and distributing flowers and bouquets mainly takes place in summer and fall, and harvesting honey takes place throughout the warmer months when the honeybees are active. Flowers are available from summer until the first hard frost with the couple ensuring all of their growing practices are organic, low-chemical, and low-toxin.

Beekeeping Inspiration

Matt Buffan has always been interested in beekeeping. He wanted to learn more about sustaining the honeybee population. So, in 2017, Maddie gifted her husband with beekeeping classes taught by Hungry Bear Farms, run by Ben and Kimberly Carpenter in Canandaigua. From there, the couple invested in two nuclear hives. They started beekeeping shortly after they got married in May 2017 and have been doing so ever since!

Maddie and Matt love science and learning together, so they’ve found beekeeping to be their perfect hobby as a married couple. Now that they’ve decided to invest in it, they’ve become even more passionate about the beekeeping industry and supporting their own gardens for the honeybee population. Maddie shares that they are keen on sustainability and “keeping the earth as happy as possible.”

Gardening Inspiration

When Maddie discovered you could grow your own cut flowers, especially Dahlias, in the Rochester Region, she dove headfirst into her 2020 pandemic project. She only had 96 square feet of space to grow in, but she made it work. She enrolled in a virtual Dahlia gardening class through the Rochester Brainery, which was taught by organic flower farmer Jenny Rae of Flowerwell Farms.

With endless varieties, shapes, and colors to add, Maddie ended up expanding to having nearly 90+ plants and growing other types of local flowers in 2021. She particularly loves Dahlias because they are beautiful, showy, and easy to grow. She wanted to add textures and colors to her bouquets as well, so she added other cut flowers to her gardens to compliment her Dahlias. With her young family, she didn’t want high maintenance plants; she liked how Dahlias required minimal human interaction. Other easy-to-grow flowers for our growing zone here in the Rochester area include Bachelor’s Button, Cosmos, Snapdragon, Zinnia, Echinacea, Bee Balm, Sunflower, Narcissus, and Peony.

When the flowers became a hit, the Buffan family decided to offer a CSA to see if people wanted to invest in local and organically grown flowers as well as raw unfiltered honey. No other grower in the area has combined the two, so the couple figured they had a decent shot at mak