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Stunning Bathroom Makeover Made Simple!

My bathroom was in trouble. The bath area featured fiberglass walls in a dingy, had-been-cream color. They were a nightmare to clean, and my steel tub, with its tired whitish hue, was not much better. I needed a change that wouldn’t break the budget or tie up my bathroom for days, and I needed it now.

The moment our Bath Fitter consultant came to my home, I knew I had made the right decision. My consultation was free, no obligation to buy, and the sales consultant gave me his complete attention and all the time I needed. I had already tested several bath options on their Design Your Own Bath website, but now, I was designing my own bath.

My consultant carefully measured my bath space, noting areas which would need to be repaired. I opted for a new soaker tub option rather than a liner over my existing tub, especially since Bath Fitter would remove all trash and debris. After selecting a gleaming white color, deciding how many bath shelves I would like, and picking out my wall design, I was ready for my bathroom makeover.

The Bath Fitter vans arrived just as I was sipping my morning coffee. Before even entering my home, they covered their shoes and rolled out the blue carpet, careful not to disturb anything. They removed my existing wall material, steel tub, and all debris quickly and completely. Then, they set to work preparing the space.

After our plumber and installers prepared the area, they carried in my custom, acrylic bath. Using a heating process, they formed the flexible acrylic wall to the bath area. It fit perfectly, one piece snug and smooth. No more cleaning cracks, crevices, grout, and tough corners! Although I checked on my bathroom progress a few times throughout the day, as my bathroom makeover neared completion, I was asked to wait until they finished for the “big reveal.”

When I finally entered my bathroom, I had the total “wow moment,” they promised. My new bath looked incredible, seamlessly fitting into my existing space as if nothing had been touched. The crew had completely removed my old tub and walls; there wasn’t even a coating of dust. My bath had been completely renovated–and thus my bathroom transformed–in one day!

Three years later and I am still in love with my Bath Fitter bath. It still looks brand-new, and it is so easy to clean. A simple wipe down with a general cleaner and occasionally soaking the tub with water and Dawn dish soap is all it has needed. Maintenance is not a worry either. Bath Fitter’s lifetime warranty means that I can call or go on an online chat for assistance with my bath anytime, 24/7, even if it is something as simple as adjusting my bath doors.

My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. Having worked for Bath Fitter as the Director of Marketing for the past eight years, I knew about our high-quality products and excellence in customer service, but now, I have experienced them for myself. My bathroom looks so much brighter with my Bath Fitter bath, and they went above and beyond to create a beautiful feature that will last a lifetime. It has really made such a difference, transforming my bathroom into a space I actually enjoy!

"Bath Fitters (Dylan and Andy) did an amazing job transforming our bathroom. We went from the standard tub and old plastic tile to an amazing walk-in shower with beautiful patterned walls, raindrop glass doors and wainscoting on the other walls. They even hung our towel racks for us and a new shower head. It looks AMAZING. Their workmanship really shows. We will be enjoying our new bathroom for years to come. Thank you, Dylan and Andy and Bath Fitters!" – Hunter V., Buffalo


2851 Broadway St Ste 800, Cheektowaga | 716.324.5827

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