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Rescued Treasures–Giving Furry Friends the Gift of Love

The season of giving is here, and for many neglected and abandoned animals there is no greater gift than that of a safe, loving home with a forever family. Local rescue shelters are exceeding capacity and rely heavily on community engagement to aid with supplying toys, food, and many other essential supplies. Adopting a pet from a local shelter is not only giving back to your community, but saving the life of an animal in need.

Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions in Rochester is a network of over 100 fosters and volunteers. Their passion is rescuing abandoned and homeless pets. A non-profit, their caring, compassion, and desire to serve come straight from the heart.

Avon native Jennifer Everett is a Rescued Treasures six-year rescue veteran. Using her wealth of knowledge, she educates fosters, prospective pet owners, and store volunteers. Balancing a full-time job and a busy schedule, Everett is available for guidance after hours and on weekends.

Fierce dedication like Everett’s is not uncommon among Rescued Treasures volunteers who are driven to care for the well-being of our most vulnerable animal populations. Sadly, it’s a common misperception that shelter animals suffer behavioral problems. In reality, many of them were abandoned by pet owners who could no longer financially care for them, moved out of the area, or passed away.

One of the best ways to help is to foster. Rescued Treasures’ adoptable pets are at PetSmart via their locations in Greece and Baytown Plaza, Webster. The rescue has also opened its new Pawsitive Cat Café on East Avenue in Rochester.

Everett continues to support Rescued Treasures for a reason. “It’s clear they always want to do right by the animal,” she said. Like many, Everett feels rewarded by the dramatic progress she has seen in shelter pets.

“One of my favorite ones was a little black cat named Willow,” she recalled. “She had a litter, and she was fiercely protective of them. Although she didn’t seem to be feral, she wanted no part of anything with humans.”

Everett’s solution? Patience. “I just gave her time to come out of her shell,” she explained. “She was at my house for a year and three months. It took her that long to come out of any trauma. A wonderful couple adopted her. Her story is a testament.”

Fostering or adopting a shelter pet means not only that you’ll save its life, but also the life of another animal that can then be taken in. Can’t adopt or foster? There are still many ways you can support your local animal shelter. Take a cue from our Pet Shelter Wishlist!

Rescued Treasures is a 501c3 rescue organization that fully vets and places cats, dogs, and other small animals in permanent homes. All pets will be adoptable! Check them out online at or on IG @rtpadoptions.

Things to Consider Before You Adopt

A pet is a lifetime commitment of time, energy, attention, and love. Please consider all of these before adopting one.

• Pets require time, energy and love which includes attention and care.

• Pets need daily exercise and interaction. Consider 20-30-minute walk for dogs as well as playtime and interaction for physical and emotional well-being.

• Do not leave your pet outside chained or penned nor indoors crated or isolated 24/7. Dogs need interaction, mobility, and socialization.

• Consider the cost of healthy food and vet care - your dog deserves both, and fresh, clean water.

• Training your pet takes time, patience, and kindness. Never use force or anger; it will not work.

• Spay or Neuter: it is for your pet’s health, and it is also humane.

• Consider the grooming needs your pet will have such as fur, nails, flea prevention, etc.

• Research a breed that will fit your lifestyle best and the needs of which you can accommodate.

Pet Shelter Wishlist

1. Vet Appointments: Help pets get the care they need at a local veterinarian’s office.

2. Dog & Cat Toys: From rubber balls and lasers to cloth mice and feathers, pets thrive with play.

3. Activity Toys: These “smart” toys help keep pets healthy & happy!

4. Puppy Food: Help give these fur babies something to grow on.

5. Kitten Food: Royal Canin can be eaten by kittens as young as 4 weeks old.

6. Adult Dry Cat Food: Science Diet, Iams & Blue Buffalo are preferred by Rescued Treasures!

7. Canned Cat Food: These fab felines benefit from something soft to eat.

8. Treats: A fun and well-deserved treat can work miracles.

9. Adult Dog Beds: Help keep Fido off the floor this winter.

10. Velcro Collars: A very practical necessity, collars help with identification and walks.

11. Scratching Posts: Get kitties in the habit of scratching where they should.

12. Super Soft Blankets: Is there anything more comforting for pets and humans alike?

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