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On the Cover | Nov//Dec: DL Home & Garden

From living rooms and dining rooms to kitchens and family rooms, the spaces of your home draw together friends and family, especially during the holiday season. Make sure those spaces are warm and inviting this year and for many years to come with attractive yet comfortable, high-quality furniture and décor from DL Home & Garden. Our timeless styles and heirloom quality pieces can last almost as long as the memories you make with them, being passed down through generations.

The last two years have seen us refocus on our homes. Once again, they have become more than the places where we sleep, they are the places we work, eat, play, and simply relax, as well. It makes sense to invest in high-quality goods which will remain in your home and maintain their comfort for much longer periods of time, offering a much better return on your investment than the so-called “throw-away pieces” which so quickly lose their condition and comfort level. Avoiding the landfill for so much longer means our high-quality pieces are also considered more eco-friendly, as well.

As you are pulling each room together, do not underestimate the power of the quintessential handmade wool rug. Operating in the realms of both fashion and function, wool brings the most extraordinary fiber memory and durability, having been proven to last for hundreds of years. Individually crafted, each rug is a unique piece of interactive art to be used and enjoyed in your home, with handwoven rugs taking up to 8-10 weeks to create and hand knotted rugs as long as 6-8 months.

With an explosion in demand and delays in delivery, furniture orders can take upwards of 36 weeks. Make it worth the wait when you order pieces that are sure to last for many years to come. Whether you dream of spreading out across a sectional or kicking your feet up as you recline to just the right level, DL Home & Garden has the pieces you need to engage in conversation, watch TV, and make memories in maximum style and comfort.


283 Central Avenue | Downtown Rochester

585.225.4663 | Open M-F 10-5:30 & Sat 10-4

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