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P.U.N.T. Pediatric Cancer Collaborative Offers Compassionate Support for Families with Sweet Buffalo

Founded in 2004 by former NFL Pro Bowl Brian Moorman, who played for the Buffalo Bills, and his wife, Amber, P.U.N.T. stands for Perseverance, Understanding, Need, and Teamwork. With passionate staff and leadership and strong financial support from the Western NY community, P.U.N.T.’s programs have grown significantly in both scope and impact, making the nonprofit organization a well-respected source of assistance for local families dealing with pediatric cancer.

I am continuously amazed by the incredible work that P.U.N.T. Pediatric Cancer Collaborative does for children battling cancer and their families in Western New York. No family fights alone thanks to the support of P.U.N.T. and their dedicated staff and volunteers. Sweet Buffalo is proud to partner with such a kindhearted and genuine nonprofit organization whose positive reputation in the community speaks volumes. This holiday season we encourage everyone to make a donation to P.U.N.T. to continue their critical mission of allowing parents to focus on what matters most: being there for their sick child.

- Kimberly LaRussa, founder of Sweet Buffalo

P.U.N.T. offers six programs with critical and comprehensive financial, emotional, and practical support to families:

Helping Hands – Financial assistance with living expenses to help make ends meet

Families battling pediatric cancer face crippling financial strain. Pediatric cancer hospitalizations cost nearly five times more than other conditions, averaging $40,000 per stay. This program acts as a vital financial safety net. Social workers enlist P.U.N.T.’s aid for rent, mortgages, utilities, car payments, and home repairs. P.U.N.T. also covers all funeral expenses for children lost to pediatric cancer in the community. This initiative offers crucial relief amid the immense burdens of pediatric cancer treatment.

Adopt a Family – Home for the Holidays Fund

Donors help fill families’ wishlists during the holidays so parents and caregivers can spend their time and resources on being with their child during their biggest challenges. This also funds social worker requests to help high need families facing pediatric cancer with a direct mortgage or rent payment, “giving parents in the fight for their child’s life the incredible gift of peace of mind during the holiday season.”

Game Day: Bringing kids fighting cancer to cheer on the Buffalo Bills

P.U.N.T.’s Suite 238A offers kids in active cancer treatment a special experience at Buffalo Bills games. This Game Day program provides a secure, comfortable space for families to cheer on their team and bond. In memory of Andrew Pawlak, a brave young fan who battled cancer, a generous gift will bring more families to games. Andrew’s love for the Bills lives on, giving families a chance to enjoy precious moments together amidst their cancer journey. His legacy continues to make a meaningful impact through this initiative.

Locker Programs

For families dealing with a pediatric cancer diagnosis, the financial ripple effect can be debilitating. P.U.N.T.’s Locker programs provide the most basic of needs, stocked for hospital social workers’ discretion to distribute gas and grocery cards, as well as food and parking vouchers. These simple tokens can make a significant impact to lessen the daily stressors that weigh on a family in the fight.

Ultimate Compassion: Bereavement program

A child’s cancer diagnosis shatters a family’s world. If the battle is lost, the family is left with profound loss and a lingering fear of fading memories. P.U.N.T.’s annual “Remembrance Weekend” retreat aims to provide solace through therapeutic and social activities. Families come together to find hope, heal, and learn coping strategies while honoring their loved one’s memory. This event is organized in collaboration with experts from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Oishei Children’s Hospital, and Essential Care for Kids/Hospice Buffalo.

Field of Dreams: Special experiences, items, or opportunities to boost morale

A family getaway, a gift card to do some shopping, a new bike, a new playset, bedroom furniture, a new doll, a chance to swim or have a special birthday party…these are just some of the morale boosts P.U.N.T. provides to ease the heartache of young cancer warriors through the Field of Dreams program.

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