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Local Dream Home

The term “house” conveys a structure, but “home” invokes feelings of warmth and precious memories. More than ever, home is where we work, play, teach, and melt away the stress of the world outside our door. It’s the backdrop for friends and family to share in our lives.

That is the true meaning of a dream home.


La Belle Vie

Situated on a former horse farm, La Belle Vie is not defined by its Country French style, but rather its classic furnishings that feel collected and personal. Nature is infused everywhere, both in texture and in the calm palette of warm neutrals, blues and greens. The open floor plan is conducive to frequent gatherings of friends and family. This is a dream home that reflects the welcoming spirit of the homeowners.



Although the overall aesthetic feels luxurious, we designed this home for relaxed living. There is no formal dining room - a farm table in the kitchen/breakfast space fits everyone. Washable performance fabrics on furnishings alleviate the fret over spilled wine and sticky hands.

Beyond Paint

Wallpaper has made a dramatic return to fashionable interiors. We chose a large scale medallion grass cloth for the home office, creating a subtle layering effect that instantly warms the space. If you're not sure you want to commit to papering an entire room, opt to cover just the backs of an open bookshelf as we did in the mudroom. The dark chocolate textured paper creates a dramatic backdrop for the homeowner's brightly colored pottery.

Choosing a Color Palette and Knowing When to Deviate From It

A home with an open floor plan calls for a cohesive color story. However, rooms that are more defined such as powder rooms, children's spaces and goes rooms offer the opportunity for a moment of surprise without affecting the overall palette. In the grandkids' bunk room, we chose bold splashes of royal blue and teal to create a fun and energizing space.

Thinking Out of the Box

We’ve built many custom furniture pieces to fit in a specific footprint. In the upper hall, we built the space to fit the furniture piece! The stately linen press lends a sense of history and story to this home. Since the hall lacks a natural light source, we added full-length mirrored panels on each side and placed sconces over the

mirrors to double the light reflection.

“Home is a deeply personal space, so I ask a lot of questions and take note of what the homeowner’s vision of their dream home should look like, and more importantly, feel like. It is a gift to create a unique space for them that at once feels like home, and evokes those precious memories.”


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