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Gather your friends & family around a cozy hearth!

There is nothing quite as warm as the glow of a fire crackling on its hearth. Nothing, that is, except Dan and Becky Freidman of the Fireplace Outlet in Williamsville.

Celebrating 20 years of serving Buffalo, Amherst, Orchard Park, Lockport, Niagara Falls, and area communities, Fireplace Outlet continues to offer a wide variety of top-quality fireplaces, stoves, inserts, gas logs, supplies, and accessories. Its electric, wood burning, and gas fireplace installation contractors continue to be a resource to each and every customer, providing unsurpassable fireplace service. In addition to installation, repair, and replacement work, the Fireplace Outlet also offers custom fireplaces and mantels as well as stone and tile elements. Skip the hassle of coordinating multiple contractors. Fireplace Outlet has everything you need to realize your fireplace dreams under one roof!

Supplying products second to none, experienced fireplace contractors Dan and Becky truly set themselves apart by providing a wealth of important information, ongoing support, and an unparalleled customer experience. Highly satisfied customers—some of whom have been with the company for more than 15 years—are at the heart of everything they do, generating invaluable word-of-mouth influence. “At the Fireplace Outlet, we are all about relationships. Like our fireplaces, our relationship with customers are meant to last a lifetime!”

Becky personally walks through the entire installation process with each customer, from design and style selection to space utilization and final touches. Considerations include everything from each customer’s vision and location to room size, budget, and even zoning regulations. “Our fireplace company prides itself on offering you our best knowledge and experience as you go through the selection process, determining what is appropriate for your specific needs.”

Everything surrounding each fireplace unit is custom made, including each mantel and hearth, colors, and staining. No outside vendors are used. Becky and Dan oversee everything personally. They and their respectful, highly experienced staff complete every step of each project, whether that means installing wall tile or running gas lines. “Most of our fireplace installations are completely finished within 2-4 weeks, leaving your family to enjoy a very tailored, custom fireplace feature unique to your home.”

Fireplace Outlet’s customer service doesn’t stop there, however. Throughout each customer’s first full year, Becky, Dan, and their staff are always on hand to ensure that each customer is enjoying their new fireplace. Becky is more than happy to stop by to give the fireplace an inspection, demonstrate how to clean the glass, explain how to best use and maintain the fireplace, as well as to answer any questions so that every customer is comfortable utilizing their new fireplace in every season.

Time to Start Up Your Fireplace?

Read These Tips Before your First Fire!

• Inspect Vents - Have the venting system inspected by a qualified technician. With a flashlight, check for corrosion, rust spots, streaks, and holes as well as debris, birds’ nests, and anything else.

• Assess Structure - Inspect for condensation and examine joints and mechanical supports to ensure nothing is loose.

• Check Batteries - Check the batteries on your fireplace’s handheld remote control and its receiver, if applicable.

• Broken logs - If yours is a log fireplace, ensure no logs are broken. Broken logs must be replaced by proper replacement logs in the position shown in diagrams under Log Installation so as not to void the warranty.

• First burn - The first time you burn your fireplace, burn for at least four hours to ensure the paint is cured. Condensation on the glass is normal.

• Ventilate - The unit may cause an odor when first used, and smoke detectors may go off. Open a window for ventilation.

• Clean glass - Do not burn in the unit without the glass door in place. A film can form on the glass, which should be cleaned after four hours of burning. Do not attempt to clean the glass while it is still hot!

Visit our showroom or call us to schedule an appointment for fireplace repair!

8216 Main Street, Williamsville