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Fun in the Sun in Rochester!

Let’s welcome the warmer weather and sunshine with open arms! There’s no better way to soak up the sun than getting out of the house and planning some fun activities with friends and family. There are so many beautiful sights to see and fun to be had around Rochester as the weather starts to warm up. Taking advantage of all that the city has to offer is a sure way to make these summer months memorable.

Rochester is known as the Flower City for a reason, so get out and smell those roses! Numerous floral displays can be seen at any of Rochester’s historic gardens or parks. Are you a nature lover? Highland Park is one place with some incredible sights to see and scents to take in. From gardens to conservatories and scenic estates, there are plenty of places to flex your green thumb knowledge. Several of Rochester’s museums also feature stunning flower gardens and landscapes ideal for an afternoon stroll. Don’t forget to check out any number of local festivals and markets when flowers are in full bloom!

Not only are the parks perfect for spotting the blooms, but they’re also great motivation to get in some exercise. Rochester boasts beautiful trails whether you’re looking to enjoy an easy walk or to lace up your hiking boots for a challenge! Visit the Erie Canal to take in some amazing scenery. The Erie Canalway Trail forms a large portion of the Empire State Trail, running from New York City through the Hudson River Valley to Lake Champlain. Here you can travel by foot, or even ride your bike along the paths provided for cycling, taking in not only beauty but history, as well. The Genesee Riverway Trail offers twenty-four miles of scenery through the heart of Rochester. Run, walk, or bike along this trail for views of the Genesee River, historic parks, and waterfalls. Heading outdoors and getting that blood flowing is both an instant mood booster and great way to bond with family or catch up with a friend!