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For the Love of Apples

Nestled among the gently rolling hills of Brockport lies Robb Farms. For more than 100 years, the Robb family has produced delicious fruits and vegetables on this 300-acre property. “My husband’s great-grandfather, who owned a farm east of Robb Farms, saw this property come up for sale when he rode by it on a trolley in 1912,” shared Margery Robb. “We received the Century Farm Award from the New York State Agricultural Society in 2014, and now, we are celebrating fall and inviting people to come pick their own apples!” This 3rd generation farm, which has already welcomed its 4th and 5th generations, features 19 varieties of apples! “Our apple harvest is really good,” said Robb. Along with homemade donuts, the farm also began making cider the 3rd week of September, waiting for certain varieties of apples to reach perfection. “McIntosh apples are our base,” she explained. “Then, we add other currently ripe varieties to it.”

Apple Picking Pointers

Pick-Your-Own! Find an orchard that lets you do the work! September to early-October is the best time to go, and don’t forget to bring the kids and make it a family affair. Some orchards also host activities like hay rides, petting zoos, pumpkins and other produce, along with homemade cider. • For picking, work from the outside in: apples on the outer limbs ripen first, but make sure both you and they are ready! Picking apples stops the process. Store them carefully too –bruised apples rot faster and can cause the others you picked to rot as well if they’re all kept together. • Don’t shake the branches! Not only can this cause numerous apples to fall to the ground and create food waste, but it can also bruise the fruit and people in your party. • Make a day of it! What you’ll get out of the experience is what yo