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Celebrating an incredible first year in the Village of Webster

Justin Brown, interior designer and owner of the home décor store, curated., in the Village of Webster, celebrateed the shop’s first anniversary in May 2023. curated. reflects Justin’s passion for mixing old and new décor that is simultaneously sophisticated and functional. As guests enter the shop, the warm and welcoming environment invites them to browse the wide array of merchandise.

Drawing from many years of professional experience as a visual merchandiser in New York City and then at Rochester’s Windsor Cottage, Justin brings enthusiasm and a careful creative eye to curated. In its first year, the shop has gained a following for its carefully selected and unique collection of goods for each room in your home. Merchandise includes décor pieces, furniture, kitchen & dining wares, lighting, and personal accessories.

Justin says that what he loves most about running the business is merchandising and creating product displays for customers to enjoy and feel inspired by.

When it comes to finding his own inspiration, he says there’s nothing better than when a client brings home a piece from the shop and then returns to tell him how much they enjoy it. “I only carry items that I love and would use in my own home, so those moments create a real connection. It’s a common sense of joy.” Even better is when the customer shares pictures of how it looks in their space.

Through interactions such as these, Justin says getting to know individuals in the local community has been a great pleasure.

“People open up when they shop local, because they don’t always feel that neighborly connection at big box retailers. Here, I get to learn names and hear about where customers are from. They’ll tell me about their house and where in their home they’re going to use pieces they’re purchasing. If they’re buying a gift, they’ll tell me who it’s for."

This personal attention keeps customers coming back, and guests also want to see what great finds are available when they return to curated. Justin says, “We’re constantly introducing new products and rearranging displays to ensure things stay fresh. People can discover something new each time they come in—and we make sure they’re things they can’t find elsewhere.”

This one-of-a-kind boutique is something Rochester is fortunate to have. Stop into the shop and find pieces to furnish or accessorize your own home!


Justin says the best thing to do is to simply focus on selecting pieces you love. With that as the guiding principle, keep these tips in mind:

  • Select items that are timeless and not appealing simply because they’re in style right now.

  • Keep things practical and your space functional– you shouldn’t feel like you’re living in a museum.

  • Mix old and new to create depth and tell your story.


Justin relocated to Rochester from New York City in 2018, and he says one of the great things about this area is that we have true, distinct seasons. With that, “Homeowners get a chance to update their spaces and bring in seasonal pieces— their homes don’t need to feel the same 365 days a year,” Justin explains. To keep things bright during the short days of long Rochester winters, Justin has fun with lighting in his home, swapping and moving lamps around. “I will admit that I do have a lamp obsession,” he says, but the approach works for his psyche.


One of the easiest ways to do this is by swapping out a rug or two; new throw pillows also make a big difference. Justin also says, “Don’t be afraid to move furniture from room to room. We often get stuck and think to ourselves that pieces must stay where you first put them.” Lastly, he adds that it’s a good idea to take stock in what you have every so often. Keep pieces and accents you truly love, resell what you don’t, and then use that money to invest in more of what brings you joy— because that’s what your home should do, Justin says.

Justin’s passion for connecting shines through his developing social media presence, where customers can get a sneak peek at the latest products and displays, as well as design and style tips.


summer hours: thursday 10am-6pm, friday 10am-4pm, saturday 9am-3pm

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