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Holiday Cards Spread Cheer Here, There and Everywhere!
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      We’re in the day and age where everything is digital and automated. Correspondence and speaking to someone face-to-face (or as close as you can get through the screen) is only a click away, and it feels almost redundant to say sending letters and postcards is a dying art.

      As 2020 comes to a close, our current climate still keeps us at a distance from one another, leaving a gap FaceTime can’t quite fill. Now, with little other choice, we’ve become reliant on the technology we may have taken for granted or wanted a break from, and perhaps bringing back some nostalgia right in time for the holidays is just what we need. What better way to do this than with holiday cards!
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      For some, sending cards is a tradition that will not be swayed by e-anything. Think about it: how often have you gone out to the mailbox and thought nothing of it, only to find a bill, a few miscellaneous fliers or junk mail, when suddenly a brightly colored envelope caught your eye? The handwriting is one you recognize, and it’s addressed to you personally, not because of an automated stamp, but because someone took the time to write to you. Do you remember that feeling when you received that card or one you had when you sent one of your own?

      Getting that holiday card in the mail not only provides a personal touch to the holiday season, but lets friends and family know you were thinking of them and never gets buried in the spam folder.

      Spreading holiday spirit via card dates back centuries with the first known Christmas card said to have been sent by Sir Henry Cole in 1843. The practice quickly became widespread as families found cards to be convenient ways to keep in contact with relatives separated by distance.

      Today, these cards make the holidays that much more special. They serve as a warm reminder during the colder months that while we may not see our loved ones every day, they’re never far from our minds.

      A bright envelope reflects the naturally grateful and joyous mood of the season. Whether scenes and holiday sentiments or family photos with two and four legged members alike, a holiday card can go a long way towards reminding people how important they are to you. It’s a time-honored tradition that reminds us that it’s the thought that counts—in more ways than one.

      A holiday card also creates strong networking between family, friends, and co-workers, and sometimes there’s no better way to show appreciation! While being mindful of the content of the card (that it’s appropriate both for the setting and the relationship between yourself and the recipient) sending one can also be a great way to thank customers and colleagues for their support during these difficult times.

      Printing by Penny Lane offers an array of cards for the winter months, be it for holidays including Christmas or Hanukkah, or seasonal greetings. Starting at just $0.46 a card, each can be customized with a photo and sentiment of your own! We can help expedite the mailing process by including envelopes printed with addresses and ready to go—just send us your mailing list.

      Including a picture of your own personalizes the card and allows you to share just how big your kids are getting or other changes! Showcase a new family member or furry addition just in time for the holidays.

      For more information on the kinds of holiday cards and other services Printing by Penny Lane offers, check us out online at or via phone (585) 226-8111.

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